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* If this is your first application for a Financial Support grant you must first register with your email address and a password. Click the Register button under 'Begin a new application'.

* If you have previously applied for a Financial Support grant and want to apply again, you should login under 'Retrieve your application'.

* If you have started but not yet submitted an application then you should login under 'Retrieve your application'.


As you may wish to apply for other grants from Clergy Support Trust it's important to know that each application form has its own independent site and you are required to register separately for each grant type. However, you may use the same email address and password for convenience.



* If you know the email address you used but cannot remember your password click the 'Have you forgotten your password' link and follow the instructions. If the email address has not been registered for a Financial Support grant you will see the message 'Sorry that email address was not found. Please try again.'

* If the address has been registered an email will be sent to you. Please be aware that your email service provider may direct the email to your Spam/Junk folder.

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