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Please ensure that you quote your Online Application Reference if you email or post your documents to us.

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*Your Name
(Title, First name, Surname)

If you have ever been known by another surname (e.g. maiden name or different birth name), please provide your previous surname here.

Your address
*Your Email address
(Please use the same email as the one you registered with. We will send you an acknowledgement and a copy of your completed application form once you have submitted it.)

*Telephone Number

Mobile Number

*National Insurance Number
(We only use your National Insurance number as a unique reference on our database.)

*Date of Birth

*Marital status

*Where did you hear about Clergy Support Trust?

*Please indicate which best describes you (or the clergyperson in the household):

*Please indicate which type of Health Grant you are applying for?
(Click on the orange question mark ?, shown on the right, for a list of grant categories.)


Please tell us about the health situation in your household that you need support with?
(Please supply supporting documentation to evidence your or your spouse/partner's ordinand training status (e.g. college enrollment form) and any other documentation that may support your application (quotes/receipt of health related state benefits/medical assessment reports etc).

You will have the opportunity to upload any supporting documents when you reach Section I.

*In relation to your request for a health grant, have you visited your GP in the first instance and were you given a referral letter? Have you explored availability through the NHS/Irish HSE or other social care/statutory services? How long is the waiting list? Please give details:

*Have you approached your Diocese or St Luke's Healthcare for the Clergy or any other charitable organisations in relation to what you are applying for?

If 'Yes' to the above question, please provide details of any amounts secured or applied for, whom you've approached and when you're likely to hear.

*Is this your first time applying to Clergy Support Trust?
(formerly Sons & Friends of the Clergy).

*What college or training institution are you currently attending?
(Please ensure you return your Ordinand Training Certificate.)

*Ordination Date

*Sponsoring Diocese

*Do you have any children?

Please tell us how many dependent children are living in your household.

Aged 0 - 1 Aged 2 - 4 Aged 5 - 10 Aged 11 - 18
Do you share your home with anyone else? E.g. adults who are dependent on you (e.g. adult children/other family members in receipt of disability benefits). Please give details:
(Please state the relationship (do not include spouse/civil partners, dependent children).

Please give details of any state benefits received.
(Please enter the annual amounts of any state benefits received. Only enter numbers in these fields, please do not enter commas or any other characters.)

State Benefits Self £ Spouse/Partner £
Child Benefit
Universal Credit
Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit
Council Tax Support
Housing Benefit
Jobseeker's Allowance
Employment & Support Allowance
PIP/Disability Living Allowance
Attendance Allowance
Carer's Allowance
Any other State Benefit
*Do you or your spouse/partner own any other property, other than your main residence (regardless of the use or the amount of outstanding mortgage)?


Please complete with details of all current assets for yourself and your spouse/partner.

(Only enter numbers in these fields, please do not enter commas or any other characters.)

Details Self £ Spouse/Partner £
Current account balance
Bank/Building Society savings
Stocks & Shares
Other investments
Please complete the table:

Lender Purpose Amount Outstanding £ Monthly repayments being made £
If you are concerned about your debts, would you like us to signpost you for some debt advice/help?

Are you currently paying into a Debt Management Plan?

If 'Yes', please provide us with some further information.

Please upload your supporting documents.

Please upload your supporting documents.

Please upload your supporting documents.

Please upload your supporting documents.

Please upload your supporting documents.

Bank/Building Society name

Account holder's name
(E.g. Mr John Smith).

Account Number

Sort Code
(Please enter a six digit Sort Code with no spaces or separating characters.)

We ask this to ensure that any discretionary gift that the charity may award you does not affect your entitlement to means-tested state benefits.


Please tick here:


I confirm that I have fully and correctly completed this form to the best of my ability and belief and given all relevant information to enable my application to be considered. I am content to provide corroborating evidence if requested. I acknowledge that Clergy Support Trust has a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud and expects that all information provided by applicants (or provided on their behalf) is given in good faith, with due care and attention, and is accurate to the best of the applicant's knowledge. This applies to information given by any means of communication. I further acknowledge that Clergy Support Trust will take appropriate action if any information provided is found to be false.



If you have not uploaded your documents, please tick to confirm that you will be sending all of your supporting documents, relating to your Health grant, by post, within 10 days of submitting your application (e.g. college enrollment form) and any other documentation that may support your application (quotes/receipt of health related state benefits/medical assessment reports etc).

Please provide any feedback that you have regarding the application process.

*I would like to receive updates from Clergy Support Trust.

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